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Business Law Jacksonville

Business Law

An experienced attorney can offer a valuable perspective for a matter of business law. Our Jacksonville law firm will analyze any transaction, represent your negotiations, determine how to position your business while fostering productive business relationships. We offer business law services that include:

With our broad knowledge of business law, you can trust us to protect your interests using the most practical and cost effective methods. Plus, when you choose Murphy, Ellis & Weldon, PLLC as your legal counsel, we keep you fully informed during each phase of the legal process. Get your consultation today.

Murphy, Ellis & Weldon, PLLC charges a $95.00 non-refundable fee for a 30-minute consultation.  If it is determined that you have a case in which Murphy, Ellis & Weldon, PLLC is able to represent you, upon your signing of the retainer agreement with Murphy, Ellis & Weldon, PLLC, the $95.00 consultation fee will be applied toward your legal fees.


Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law Jacksonville

If you were involved in an accident caused by someone's negligence, carelessness or unreasonable behavior, obtaining the advice of legal counsel is the most important thing you can do to protect your future. Our legal team provides a free legal consultation for personal injury claims to include:

  • auto accidents
  • motorcycle accidents
  • boating accidents
  • defective products
  • slip and falls
  • inadequate security

Personal injury law is concerned with the duty of care owed to another. Property owners, business proprietors, professionals, motor vehicle operators and animal owners as well as the rest of us have a responsibility to act in a reasonable manner. When someone fails to do so, the victim may be entitled to recover damages.


Insurance Law

Insurance Law Jacksonville

Are you tired of waiting for an insurance company to pay your claim? If you have been denied an insurance claim, are suffering with a delayed payment or feel that you're being underpaid, you may need help. We represent clients in many areas of business and insurance law including:

  • alternative dispute resolution
  • bad faith litigation
  • commercial general liability
  • environmental coverage
  • property insurance
  • subrogation recovery

If you are stuck in a bad faith claim or feel your insurance company has failed you, our insurance attorneys can help you get the compensation that you are entitled to receive. Our attorney represents cases for policy holders who are involved in disputes where claims have been undervalued, denied, delayed or improperly handled.