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Contract Lawyer Jacksonville

Like it or not, contracts form the backbone of today's business transactions and negotiations. To protect your interests and improve your chance for success, you must be proactive and do more than just rely on customers and companies to adhere to a handshake or verbal agreement. At Murphy, Ellis & Weldon, PLLC, we offer legal services that will enable you to take your business to the next level.

Our business law firm has experience with contract drafting and review to minimize disputes, including litigation involving:

  • employment contracts
  • non-compete agreements
  • buy and sell agreements
  • contracts for service
  • real estate contracts
  • confidentiality agreements

We believe in working closely with our clients to determine the best possible course of action in business formation, drafting or reviewing contracts, completing business transactions and negotiating fair and reasonable outcomes. When our best efforts fail, we stand ready to take legal actions to recover the damages caused by a breach.

Cost Effective Legal Actions

When your business future is at stake, you need to seek the advice of legal counsel to ensure you make the right decisions in a timely manner. Our attorneys believe that the best possible outcomes come from sound business solutions outside the court room. So, our goal is to always position your contractual relationships where practical solutions can be enacted to protect your company's profit and continued existence. However, when needed, our contract lawyer can represent you in complex and contentious legal matters.

Whether you need help with the creation of new contracts and agreements, or ongoing counsel for legal issues involving an existing contractual relationship, our business lawyers can help. Call today for your consultation.


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